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Landscapes, 2014 | by Justin Carrasquillo

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I have this sudden, intense yearning to go back

Can I rewind to two years go? Can I rewind myself, walk backwards along these avenues and streets, briskly filled with a cacophony of sirens and horns, fading into the sweeter silence of the empty streets of Kingston. The sun would just be setting through the trees, over the lake. I would be biking from class, or the library, or a meeting at Cogro - coasting along in my Toms and sweatpants. There wouldn’t be a car in sight as I carelessly peddled from side to side, like writing calligraphy along the concrete. 

Did I mention - it would be quiet?

And I would revel in being alone. 

Alone, with a cup of tea for company. And my music, constantly playing in the background.

When you put a song on repeat for hours while you’re studying, you can’t help but imprint it in your memory. Now, when I hear those songs meant to focus, calm, soothe, I remember the long nights they carried me through. Maybe not the night itself, but the feeling that if I just kept listening, I’d be able to make it through.

It was so much nicer to bike through the streets at night, back then. I liked it best at 2 am, when the muffled silence of the ghetto felt like a blanket and I could hear people partying in the distance at the quad, while I biked home from the library. 

Now I don’t have a bike. And I am not alone. 

All I can do is listen to those same songs and imagine I can feel the wind in my hair.

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Favourite work of the week, amazing food photography with a space narrative twist!

Endless Books: 8 Weeks
- Dina Belenko

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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The sky when it snows is absolutely perfect. It can be 1 o’clock in the morning and bright outside. The silence of everything when it snows is beautiful. You can barely hear a sound when the snow covers everything. Just watching the snow fall and stick to the ground is beautiful. Yeah I guess it sucks that it’s cold and you have to shovel it out, but coming in from the cold and putting on warm clothes, sitting in the heat, and drinking hot chocolate is so relaxing. I miss the snow so much.

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